It’s the end of my probationary period…

… or at least it would be if I was an employee!

It doesn’t quite work that way when you’re self-employed, does it?

The reason why I said it’s the end of my probationary period is that I’ve been in business for almost three months. (What? Where did that time go?).

If I was an employee, my Line Manager would sit down with me and discuss how my first three months had gone. I’d be crossing my fingers in the hope that I had done a good enough job and that I would become a permanent member of staff.

However, as my Line Manager is me, I thought I’d take the time out to reflect on my first three months in business. And, overall, it’s not been too shabby really.

My biggest achievements have been:

  1. Winning five new clients
  2. Widening my connections on LinkedIn by over 100 people
  3. Networking like a Demon
  4. Throwing in a house move in the middle of my probationary period. (OK, so this wouldn’t usually count as a work achievement, but I’m my Line Manager so on this occasion, yeah it does!)

They have been great achievements and I’m proud to have made it this far. But my greatest achievement relates to the reason I started my business and that is to help people find their ‘Why’; their passion for doing what they do. From that comes their true voice and what makes them unique in their field.

It truly thrills me when I see clients become energised and excited to build their business and take it to the next stage. Often, following the initial discovery meeting, clients come back with new ideas because they are looking at their business through with a different lens.

How would my Line Manager capture that on the probationary form?

“Ronnie is clearly passionate about her new role and the part she plays in the business. She is a great fit to the team”

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