Because you’re worth it

How much do you value yourself? Really give this question some thought. How much do you think you’re worth? 

Is your answer “I’m priceless”? OK, maybe not, but you know your worth right? Now answer this question, how much do you invest in you? 

All too often, I hear about people who are attracted to a workshop or a course that they know will solve a business problem or help their personal well-being. They get excited as they read through the details informing them of the benefits of attending, how they will gain valuable insights or improve their state of mind or enjoy some well-earned ‘me time’ like going on a weekend retreat. They allow themselves to imagine how those benefits will make the difference they have been looking for.

Then they see the price. “Ooh no,” they say, “I can’t justify spending that kind of money”!

Does that sound familiar?

Now let’s flip the scenario.

Up pops a post on your social media feed promoting an amazing workshop that you know will help you solve a business issue, improve your state of mind or is an opportunity for a bit of fun.

The price is a little higher than you were thinking, but the reason you keep reading is because it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Maybe you know of the person running the workshop, or it’s been recommended by somebody you respect so you know it’s a credible course that will do what it says on the tin.

You also know that you will be getting not only the professional’s time and expertise, but invaluable learning that you can use time and time again. What if the outcome is something that could change your life?

Now answer the question again.

How much do you value yourself?

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