Re-engaging Retail

You may have noticed over the Christmas period many retailers go that extra distance to maximise the potential of the increased footfall the season traditionally brings with it. Many retailers use an experiential shopping experience, which is something we suggest should be used throughout the year, in terms of increasing footfall and shopping conversion rates, through added value retail experiences.

During the festive period, this response is more reactionary in an attempt to increase conversions of purchases, driven by the naturally increased footfall of the season. But what about the rest of the year? Isn’t it time to embrace different ways to engage with your customers and clients all year round? By providing a retail experience throughout the year, you will be creating a destination for shoppers, which will increase footfall, rather than simply attempting to increase conversion rates of buyers through existing footfall levels.

This isn’t only relevant to retailers, it’s relevant to all businesses – big or small. Jumping on the Black Friday or Valentine’s Day bandwagon is the obvious thing to do. We’re certainly not saying don’t do it. Maximising peak seasons to promote your offering makes good business sense.

Times have changed, but have we?

If you’re giving yourself a headache thinking of new ideas that are totally outside the box, stop! Try considering an experience you would enjoy that’s related to your offering. There’s a strong chance your customers will enjoy it too. It’s a well-used turn of phrase but b customer-centric works. Put yourself in the customer space and think about what they would like and not only about what you can offer them.

Know where your customers hang out. Make sure your presence is visible to your audience and engage with them. Don’t be afraid to show the human side of the business.

How’s your brand looking? Is it ready for a refresh? Often with a brand refresh comes new and innovative ideas that will keep your customers coming back for more.

It’s an exciting time to be in business right now and the creative process of change should be something that really excites you, it does for us. There are so many options you can employ to engage new clients and to retain the interest of your current client base.

Give it a go. You will enjoy the experience.

Courtesy of Made Magazine, Made is bi-monthly lifestyle magazine covering the North Notts region’s events, news and features, showcasing the most compelling people, travel, outdoor pursuits, food, culture and style.

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