Is your message received Loud & Clear?

When thinking about brand, many people go straight to designing a new logo and a fancy website that lists endless services or products and often fail to mention the most important element of their business – making a real difference to the client.

You are in business because you offer a unique service or the perfect product to fit the needs of your client. It’s important, therefore, that you create a strong and consistent brand message which you communicate clearly to your potential audience.  Help them make the connection with your offering and why they should use you.

Brand: the meaning people attach to you and your offering.”

Customers buy from businesses they Know, Like and Trust. They Know (recognise) the brand, Like the brand message and Trust the brand to deliver on its promises. Think about where you choose to shop, or the car you drive. Chances are you made those choices because you Know, Like and Trust the brand.

Do your customers Know, Like and Trust you?

A strong, consistent brand message which revolves around your passion and your Why (see Made Magazine, Issue 9), will help your clients get to Know, Like and Trust you.

Strong brand message (Your Voice) – Be clear what you are offering and especially how you can help your clients. Remember, when potential clients look at your marketing, their thoughts will be ‘WIIFM?’ – What’s In It For Me? Let your target audience know what sets you apart from others in your niche and, most importantly, the benefits of working with you.

Consistency – Unity and consistency across your brand is the key to winning new clients. If you’re sharing bright, crazy-coloured photos on Instagram but using soft, calming tones on your website, your followers may not recognize you as the same person or the same brand.

Reflect your brand in your visuals as well as your messaging. For example, Cadbury purple instantly triggers thoughts of their chocolate just by seeing the colour. The goal is for your potential clients to see an image or read something and know immediately that it came from you and your brand.

Every element of your brand should be complementary: your tone of voice, mission, and design should flow fluidly and feel like one entity for your clients to start recognising your brand.

You are your brand.

Reproduced courtesy of Made Magazine, Made is bi-monthly lifestyle magazine covering the North Notts region’s events, news and features, showcasing the most compelling people, travel, outdoor pursuits, food, culture and style.

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